Inspection Period – STEP 3 – REQUEST TO REMEDY

After your home inspections, please email me a copy of all your inspection reports. You will have the same number of days as listed in paragraph 23 to inspect and negotiate repairs or credits. Please let me know what inspection items you’d like to address and how you’d prefer to remedy the items. I will negotiate on your behalf. All repairs should be completed before closing.

The only mandatory repairs are what the mortgage lender, appraisal, or insurance company requires. The rest is negotiated between the parties (buyer and seller).

Also note that all homes (except new construction) are sold as-is. The seller is not required to make any repairs or negotiate any credits. Most sellers will try to reach an agreement so that they don’t have to go back on the market.

At this point we have a few options:

  • We can request a list of items to be repaired
  • We can request a credit in lieu of repairs
  • We request a credit and some repairs
  • If you are not comfortable with the condition of the home, we can cancel the agreement all together and get our earnest funds back. The option fee and the inspection fee are not refunded.

Feel free to contact your home inspector and ask questions. There are some items that are reported because building codes have changed. These may or may not have to be addressed.

Inspection Period – STEP 4 – INSURANCE