Inspection Period – STEP 2 – HOME INSPECTIONS

You have a set number of days after acceptance to have inspections performed on the property (see page 8 of the one to four residential contract, section 23). Use your option fee wisely. Use this time to inspect, research and visit the property.

Most buyer will preform a general property inspection but here are other inspections to consider: termite inspection, water tests, well test, septic inspection, lead-based paint inspection, mold inspection, radon inspection, proof of insurability (you can find this out from your insurance agent), or any other environmental inspections.

I’d recommend a general inspection and a pest inspections. Termites are super active these days. Please note that VA loans will require a pest inspection.

You will need to call and arrange the inspection within this time frame. Please let me know what inspection(s) you are having done, what inspector(s) you decide to use, and when the inspections are scheduled. For your convenience, I’m providing a list of inspector I have worked with previously. Feel free to choose one of these inspector or any other you’d prefer. PLEASE SCHEDULE THIS INSPECTION AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. 

If you need more than the agreed upon days in the contract to conduct more inspections, please let us know immediately so we can request an extension of the inspection period from the sellers. There will be an additional fee involved and this requires seller approval.


Before You Buy Inspection Services – 15302 Stoneridge Park Lane, Houston TX 77429

Telephone: 713-816-2290

Note: They inspection homes and cars before you buy

Abet Inspections – 4434 Bluebonnet Drive, Suite 153 Stafford, TX 77477

Telephone: 281-242-1300

Fox Inspections – 8616 Daffodil Street Houston, TX 77063

Telephone: 713-723-3330

Buyer Protection PlanContact Fox Inspections

Buyers Inspection Services – 9507 DORNOCH DR, SPRING, TX 77379, United States 

Telephone: 713-377-0111

Buyers Protection Group Inspections

Telephone: 800-285-3001

Ana Aponte (Hablo Español)

Texan Inspection Services L.L.P.

Telephone: 281-342-5762

Inspection Period – STEP 3 – REQUEST TO REMEDY