Preparing your Home for an Inspection


You are thinking about selling your home? Before you do so consider taking the time to make repairs and deferred maintenance.

During the selling process, a buyer, once under contract to purchase your home will want to complete a general inspection of your property. After said inspection, they will more than likely want to renegotiate the sales price or offer conditions. Remember that no home is perfect. An inspector will always find several pages if items that they feel need improvement or repairs.

You as a seller do not have to negotiate repairs or credits but if not with this buyer, it will more than likely happen with the next. It’s always best to try to come to an agreement.

That said, why not try to touch upon the most common inspection findings. I’m collected a list of items that typically will come up during an inspection report. By addressing these issues now, you can prevent some price reductions later.

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Please note that I am not a home inspector. This list is not all encompassing but does include what I personally have encountered during the selling process. Every home is different and the age of the property with make a difference. There are certain issues that are specific to the age for the home.