Home Insurance – #1 source of claims: WATER

When looking for homeowner’s insurance in Texas, one must look at the #1 source of claims: WATER. Nearly 70% of the claims each year are water related. You may be thinking hurricane and storms, but that is a very small percentage. The four sources of the water claims are:

  • Sudden and Accidental (burst pipe) – This covers a “sudden” water related malfunction
  • Seepage and Leakage – slow leaks that you don’t see right away like the leaking hose at the back of a dishwasher or the discharge line on your a/c system is blocked and is dripping water through the attic into the house.
  • Water back up and Overflow – Water that enters the house through the plumbing caused by issues with the storm drain system and usually heavy rain which pushes disgusting water ruining anything it reaches.
  • Foundation Water Damage Repair – This is coverage that many companies cut or leave out but are the most expensive repairs to the homeowner. Coverage is for the foundation when it is damaged from one of the three water damages or from the repairs in response to the water damage.

Flood insurance is a separate policy and very inexpensive. No homeowner’s policy in Texas covers flood.

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