Avoid These Mistakes Before Your Closing Day

Don’t let a small mistake ruin your chances to close on your home. Lenders are checking employment and credit up through the day of closing. You spend days going through the finance procedure and you finally received approval for a mortgage loan. It’s time to celebrate, right?

Not yet! Your lender will recheck your credit right before closing. Don’t give them a reason to deny your loan. Nothing is official until everything is signed and funded. Avoid these most common mistakes:

1. Changing jobs

Changing employers could mean delays due to employment and salary verifications or possibly cause your lender to deny your loan. If you can wait, wait. It’s not worth the risk.

2. Making a big purchase

You need new furniture, a new car, a boat etc. Your debt-to-income ratio is an important factor when being considered for a loan. If you add to your debt by making a large purchase, you risk exceeding the ratio that your lender finds acceptable.

3. Opening credit accounts

You might apply for a credit card so you’re ready to buy furniture for your new house. But similar to taking on new debt, applying for a new credit account can harm your mortgage approval. The credit inquiry necessary for the new account will ding your credit score a few points.


When in doubt it’s best to consult your lender before making any changes to your finance.