Getting and keeping the highest price for your home

Pricing your home appropriately is super importance.

If you ask, almost every real estate agent will say that the most important thing in getting a home sold is “price”. And, that is true…

But, price alone doesn’t get a house sold for top dollar. And, even if you get the best offer possible, that doesn’t mean the deal won’t fall apart before you ever get to the closing table.

Many deals fall apart before closing. Especially if you have gotten the absolute highest price for your house. This is due to “buyer’s remorse”.

Buyers often regret buying almost anything, but especially something as expensive as a house. And, even more so if they feel they’re paying top dollar for the house. So, buyers often look for and find ways to back out of deals.

It takes experience, skill, and an understanding of how buyers think, act, and react to keep a deal together.

It also helps if your agent understands how the agent representing the buyer thinks, acts, and reacts.

Oh, and how the appraiser will think, and being ready and able to defend and justify the value the house is selling for.

That’s just to name a few of the moving parts that can squash a deal and put you back on the market…which should be avoided if at all possible. (It’s always hard to explain away why your deal fell apart. Buyers and agents notice when this happens, and it often leads to getting less for your house than you did in the first place.)

That’s why it is so important to not only get the highest amount possible for your house, but to also keep the deal together.

Much like pricing a home, doing all of this is as much an art, as it is a science.

It’s so important not to hire any old real estate agent. Hire one who knows the ins and outs of how all of the people involved in the sale tend to think and act.

Negotiating isn’t just one moment. It isn’t just about getting the buyer to pay the highest price possible. It’s about keeping the buyer in check throughout the process, as well as everyone else who has a say in whether the deal moves forward or not.

It’s pretty easy to get a real estate license. And, unfortunately that tends to make the public see all real estate agents as a dime a dozen. But it takes more than just having your license to get your clients the highest possible price AND keep it together all the way to the closing table.

When it comes time to list your home, I assure you, I am not a “dime a dozen” real estate agent. And, I am worth every penny…