Homeowner Yearly Checklist


As a courtesy to my clients I like to send them reminders throughout the year that might benefit them. I’d recommend that every home owner do a few things at the beginning of the year:
2. Make sure your taxes have all been paid. Go to the individual sites and look up your property address.
3. Apply for any home exemption if you haven’t already. (see below)
4. Consider protesting your taxes. Either doing this yourself or hiring a company that will protest them for you (see below)

Home Exemption
Please be advised that you might qualify for a tax exemption and it’s now time to apply. Below you will find further details on this discount and the link for the necessary forms. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Applications for the Homestead Exemption must be filed between January 1st and April 30th.  The process is easy, FREE and it will save you money on property taxes so don’t delay!  There is no need for you to pay anyone for this service.  Most likely, you will receive offers from vendors that appear to be very “official” offering to file your application for a fee.  You need not pay anyone for this service and the county appraisal offices do not charge any fees.

Please note that In order to qualify for the exemption, you must provide:  A copy of your Texas Drivers license or Texas State ID card.  The address on the license or card must match the physical address to your residence for which you are applying.

Tax Protest
As a home owner you can also protest your property taxes every year. You can do this yourself or you can hire a company to do this for you. Most companies will charge you a fee based on the amount they are able to reduce your assessed property value. In my experience the expense was minimal compared to the benefits.
There are several companies out there. Do you research before you hire a company. For your benefit here is a list of companies:
Bettencourt Tax Advisors

If you decide to protest your assessed value yourself feel free to contact me to review sales in your area.

If you are considering selling your home within the next year or would simply like to know the current value of your home, feel free to contact us today.

Selling your home is one of the most important financial decisions you can make. Normally, one’s home is their most valuable asset. A well planned strategy can minimize the amount of time your home is on the market and maximizes your profits.

I am here to help in whatever manner I can. My services include:

  •      Assistance in Real estate sales and purchases
  •      Real estate home staging advise
  •      Local real estate market reports
  •      Real estate professional referrals (for those moving to another state or country)
  •      Real estate leasing (residential)
  •      Other: do you have a unique real estate issue that you need assistance with? I am happy to work with you to find solutions.

It would be our pleasure to answer any questions, just ask! You can reach at the contact info below.

Ali Palacios
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Mobile – 832-418-0670
As you know, the local real estate business is more competitive than ever. If you have any friends, family, or colleagues you could refer to me, I promise to provide them with the same excellent service I gave to you—and I will be forever grateful for the referral!

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