Window Cleaning and General Maintenance

Let’s take advantage of the low temperature right now and take care of an often overlooked area of maintenance in the home. Windows!

It’s recommended that we check out windows once a year. This is one of the most common areas in which moisture gets into our homes. It’s better to catch the problem right away then try to fix it once more damage has been done. Let’s review some general maintenance suggestions:


Cleaning your windows is not only recommend for esthetic reasons but it will also extend their longevity.

One of the best tools to use is this scrubber that can be attached to any broom handle or other long poles.

I’ve tried many cleaning products and the best ones are also degreasers. These seem to do a better job of cleaning all the build up on the windows. Dawn dish soap would be my second favorite.

Don’t forget the window sill and track

  1. Open the window and vacuum the window sill
  2. Use a tooth brush and warm soapy water
  3. Get in there with q-tips if needed
  4. Wipe down and dry the area
  5. Lubricate the track. For wooden tracks, use the right wax and for vinyl tracks, use a small amount of silicone lubricant.

Here are some tips from our friend Bob Villa

Check for damage

While you are cleaning the windows go ahead and check for common damage and general maintenance that might be needed.


Check all around the window on the outside and the interior for separation in the caulking. This is one of the most common ways that moisture gets in.

Check out this video on how to caulk around your windows

Choosing the right sealant

Window Screens

Remove the screens and spray them down. As you are cleaning them check to make sure the window screens are in good shape. These can easily be repaired. Check out this video

Wood rot

Don’t forget to check the interior wood frame and interior sill. Looks for caulking separation, water stains, rot and other indications that moisture has been reaching the interior. This is one of the first places you will find damage.

Look for water stains, rot and other indications that moisture has been reaching the interior.

I love these products for minor wood rot repairs: wood hardener to treat the remaining wood and wood filler to build up any areas that are rotten.

Caulking window sills

Exterior wood rot repair

This is a more severe case of wood rot and water damage around a window.

TIP: This is a great cheap tool you can use to check for moisture in wood and sheetrock

Foggy Windows

Occasionally double pane window will get foggy or you will see moisture accumulation between the panes. This normally happens when the seals around the edges of the glass begin to fail and it allows the inert gas to escape and outside air to enter the space between the glass panes.

Before you do anything check to see if your windows are under warranty.

This page offers a better explanation and possible solutions.

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