Common myths that stop renters from becoming buyers

I’m a real estate agent who specializes in helping people who are renting become homeowners. I can’t and won’t tell you that buying a house is the best choice for you. (It’s not for everyone.) But there are a few common myths or misunderstandings that stop people who should buy a house from doing so.

  1. You can’t afford to buy a house. If the reason you’re renting is because you simply think you can’t afford to buy, you can know pretty quickly and easily. All it takes is reaching out to a mortgage professional to get “pre-approved” for a mortgage. They’ll not only let you know if you can afford to buy, but also how much you can afford to spend. Maybe you can even qualify for a mortgage and find a house that only costs you as much or less than you’re already paying in rent every month!
  2. You could never save enough for a down payment. But what you may not know is there are mortgages out there that require low down payments. In fact, depending on your rent, a down payment could be equivalent to having to pay a landlord: security deposit, last month’s rent and possible pet deposits…before you can move in.
  3. The cost of upkeep and repairs are too high. True enough. You aren’t responsible for the upkeep or repairs in your rental…But you also have little or no say about what gets fixed, when it gets fixed, or the quality of the work. And you don’t have any say in making improvements
  4. You don’t want all their money to be tied up in a house. People claim they want their money to be “liquid” (available to use), or that it’s better off being invested another way, making them more money. That’s OK if the person has a lot of liquid cash tied up in a way that’s actually making them money, or they truly need the money they have to be available for some other reason. It’s really a personal decision when it comes to this.
  5. The market might crash. They’re afraid that they’ll buy a house, and then the market will decline and it won’t be worth as much as they paid for it. Sure, the market could “crash”. Or it might not “crash” (that’s pretty drastic). Real estate values go up and down. Historically, values go up. They might dip, but then they do eventually surpass where they’ve ever been before.
  6. You want the freedom to pack up and go. Good thought but most people aren’t just packing up and moving to Bali (or wherever else) making a living online (or doing whatever else). Sorry, not trying to be a buzzkill…
  7. You have poor credit. If this is your main reason for renting, you might be in luck…There are lenders who have mortgage products for people with lower credit scores. And if your credit score is too low, and you can’t qualify for a mortgage at this time, you can repair your credit and raise your score in a short period of time.
  8. It’s too soon or too late to buy a home. There’s never a perfect time to buy a house. Either they still have too many months to go on their lease, or not enough time before they have to sign another one. There are a couple of ways to deal with this: Can you break your lease with little or no penalty? If so, great, you have a lot of flexibility to buy a house or If you can’t break your lease without a hefty penalty, then you just need to plan ahead.
  9. The process is too overwhelming. Actually, buying a house can be complicated and overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be. The problem for most people is they try to do a lot of the process alone. Maybe it’s to avoid having to deal with real estate agents…But when you work with a real estate agent who is truly on your side the process isn’t overwhelming or complicated.
  10. I can’t get the home I desire. Unfortunately, everyone has a budget. Even people with the highest budget you can imagine go through the same thing. Everyone seems to want just a little bit more than they can afford at the moment. It’s simply human nature. To quote Jack Welch: “Deal with reality as it is, not as you wish it to be.”
  11. It’s too much of a financial commitment. It certainly is a financial commitment. But so is renting! When you sign a lease, you’re committing to pay someone a certain amount, each month, for a period of time. There are penalties for breaking a lease or for not paying.

If you already know the benefits of buying a home, and just aren’t sure where to begin, just give me a call or send me an email and I can get you pointed in the right direction.

There are a lot of ways and places to get pre-approved, but I have a few lenders that I trust and recommend. Feel free to reach out to me.


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