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Transformation Tuesday


It’s amazing what paint does to a home. Lighter more neutral colors photograph better and make the rooms look bigger and brighter. In the attached examples, the previous owners probably spent a fortune on these custom curtains. They probably went great with their decor but it just isn’t what most buyers want today. The truth is that most buyers can not see beyond paint, flooring and window covers. It’s best to stage the home to attract as many buyers as possible.

In these examples we have the same house, with most of the same staging decorations and the same photographer. The only thing that changed was the paint color and the window coverings.

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Let’s grow together

Thank you for your support, trust and referrals. I would not be where I’m at without your help. You helped me grow, I will help you grow!

I’d like to offer you my support in promoting your business. Do you have a small business and/or hobby you’d like to promote. I will list your business on my facebook page, website and offer your services to other clients.

Tell me more about you and your business. I’d love to help.


Am I the best agent for you?

I’ll be beyond honored to help you buy or sell a home!

As long as I’m the best agent for you…which I probably am, since I have the guts to even say that.

Most agents get so excited when someone even breathes the words buy or sell (or even just breathes), that they cram people in their car to go see homes, or push you to list your house on the spot.

It’s like going in for a kiss when you’re asking someone out on a date…let alone on the first date!

I prefer setting a date…just to chat and get to know each other.

Hopefully we are as good of a match as I feel like we’ll be!

So, for now, let’s just set up a good time to chat and get a feel for what you want and need in an agent. This will help me get a feel for who I’m agreeing to go steady with…before we put a ring on the relationship.

I’m here when you are ready


Breath, read, then sign…

E-signatures have made it very simple for people to sign documents on the go. It’s made it too easy. At times the documents send deserve to be read.

I’m always amazed at how many people just sign these things without truly reading through it. After all, it is a contract to purchase your largest assets.

So please, take your time. I like seeing that, because it means I’m dealing with someone who’s careful and will take the time to make solid decisions as we move forward.

Kind of a side note…

So many agents push people to sign these things on the spot, and rush right into things. I think it’s probably because they’re afraid if they don’t walk away from the appointment with signatures, they won’t get the business.

To me, if you deserve to be hired, you don’t have to push.

Heck, I feel like if you do push, you don’t deserve to be getting the business. Agents should be pushy for clients and their best interests…not pushy with them.

Anyhow, take the time you need. Ask me any questions you have. I’m even glad to go over it line by line with you. I’m here when you are ready to move forward.

Want in on that list?

You wanna know one of my secrets to getting my clients the best deal when they buy a house?

Well, it’s not really a secret, everyone knows you need to do what I’m about to tell you.

However, a lot of buyers (and even some sloppy agents) think it’s fine to put it off…

It’s getting pre-approved for a mortgage. The secret in my sauce is that I make sure my buyers do it as early on in the process as possible!

I doesn’t matter if someone got the greatest deal on a house…too many buyers get hosed on their mortgage because they didn’t get pre-approved until they found the house they wanted.

Then they gotta go from pre-approval to the loan process faster than a Ferrari, and that’s where, why, and when they lose money. Those rates and fees are along for the ride for a lot of years later. And it adds up to tons of money.

But since my clients get pre-approved so early on, they get a chance to really look at what the lenders’ programs, fees, and rates are, and make the best choice.

Here’s another thing I’ll let you in on…

I’ve got a private list of lenders I know and trust. Want in on that list? Or do you have a list of ones you know and trust already?


To sign or not to sign…

Why to real agents ask you to sign a buyer representation agreement?

In Texas all real estate agents represent the seller unless we have a buyer’s representation agreement with the buyer. What does that mean? It means that legally we are obligated to look out for the seller’s best interest unless we are contractually linked to the buyer.

But here’s the deal. (And the “deal” is as lopsided as a table with a short leg…)

You get to sign this agreement and cancel at any time if you aren’t happy with me.

Think about that—I literally have to make sure you’re happy throughout this entire process, or you can just cancel this contract. No strings attached. No cost to you.

Don’t get me wrong…I do this willingly.

I do it because it keeps me on my toes and ensures that I’m always doing the best job possible for my clients.

Just do me a favor…

If at any point you aren’t happy, give me a heads up, and a chance to make things right. I’m here when you are ready 🙂


Frio Pops


I accidentally found Frio Pops in Cinco Ranch. I’m so happy I did!

If you are looking for fresh and fun flavors this is the place for you. I went all out and tried the avocado lime popsicle. Yum! I know it sounds weird but it’s smooth and creamy with a great lime flavor.

I also tried the strawberry cheesecake and the fruity pebbles. The strawberry cheesecake is like eating a yummy frozen cheesecake. It’s creamy and delicious.

The fruity pebbles is like eating a bowl of fruity pebbles and milk. There is something very comforting about this popsicle.

I honestly can’t wait to try it again! Check out their website


In defense of a real estate agent

Real estates agents get a very bad rap. We are right there with car salesmen.

I feel the rejection as soon as I greet an open house guest. I’m just trying to tell you more about the house! I promise that it’s not a sale pitch…You can’t force someone to love the home. It seems like a few bad apples in a group will give the entire group a bad reputation.

No one likes a pushy salesmen. I personally don’t like it. I feel a sales pitch coming my way and I RUN. I understand. In defense of my peeps, most real estate agents love what they do and truly have your best interest in mind.

I get asked a lot why real estate? This question is usually followed by pursed lips. ugh.

I absolutely love what I do. Let me tell you why:

  1. I feel like I make a difference in someones life. I’m there when someone purchases their first home; I’m there when the same family needs more space for their growing family; I’m there when the kids have left and they have an empty nest.
  2. Real estate is so much more than buying and selling a home. Typically when someone needs to buy or sell, there is an issue. Every issue is unique and every solution is unique. I’m present to console a surviving spouse or a divorcee during a trying time. I have helped many out of a financial burden when the mortgage payment is overwhelming. Not every situation is happy but I’m still there for my clients.
  3. I love working with buyers that are not qualified for a loan. With a few changes most people can qualify for a loan within a few months. Guiding someone through credit repair, down payment assistance programs and overall mortgage education can make their dream for home ownership a reality.
  4. I love to educate. Buying and selling a home is complicated. I want my clients to understand the process and not feel lost. I love collaborating with my clients to obtain their ultimate goal.
  5. I love building new friendships. I can honestly say that if it was up to me, I’d be BFFs with all my clients. I love to stay in touch and see how our lives unfold. The beauty of this profession is that I can work with those I want to work with. I refuse to work with as&$%les.
  6. We all strive for that work/life balance. This profession gives me flexibly. Because I love what I do, I find myself working all the time. If it doesn’t feel like work, you tend to over do it. That said, when I need to I can turn it off and enjoy life.

This career is not for all. We invest many many many hours with our clients. Don’t believe what you see on TV. Shocker! Reality TV is not reality.

A good agent is compassionate and patient.

So next time an agent approaches you, don’t run in the other direction. Give them a chance and get to know the agent, more than likely they will become your new BFF. 🙂


Whole foods – Mochi ice cream

If you have never tried Mochi Ice Cream you need to head out right now and get some. Where have you been?

But seriously, if you like gummy textures and ice cream, you found your new best friend.

Whole foods sells this yummy delights by the piece. They have a Mochi ice cream freezer and you fill up your own container. I tried several flavors: pistachio, strawberry, mango and vanilla. By far for me pistachio was my favorite. The rest were fine but I didn’t finish them. The pistachio had me wanting more!

Now go out there and try some Mochi Ice Cream!

Are you a tenant whose home is facing foreclosure?

Are you a tenant whose home is facing foreclosure? You have rights.

Please note that I am not an attorney and you should consult with an attorney. In the mean time here are some resources.

TENANT RIGHTS UNDER TEXAS LAW. Under Texas law, certain tenants may be entitled to at least 30 days written notice to vacate or may have the right to remain in the property. For more information on these rights, you may view §24.005(b), Property Code

RESOURCES FOR MORE INFORMATION. In the event you need further information, you should seek the counsel of an attorney or visit one of the websites listed below.

Texas Association of REALTORS®: www.TexasRealEstate.com

Texas Low Income Housing Information Service: www.TexasHousing.org

Texas Tenants Union: www.txtenants.org

Legal Aid of Northwest Texas: www.lanwt.org

Texas Rio Grand Legal Aid: www.trla.org

Lone Star Legal Aid: www.lonestarlegal.org

Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) Consumer Help Center: http://www.ffiec.gov/consumercente